Traveling abroad can be one of the most enriching and invigorating experiences in your lifetime. But depending upon your destination, you may be at an increased risk of illness due to improper food preparation or poor sanitation, as well as possible exposure to infectious diseases.

When planning to travel, it is crucial to consider preventive means of reducing your risk of illness, especially if you are going to Mexico, Africa, Asia, Central or South America, Southern or Eastern Europe.

The Frist Clinic Travel Clinic is a certified travel clinic in Nashville that will help you minimize the health risks of traveling abroad. Pre-travel counseling, along with immunizations and medications needed to stay healthy while traveling, are now available at your convenience.

The Travel Clinic is particularly beneficial to companies that require their employees to travel abroad, as the clinic's location within Centennial Medical Center is easily accessible and can accommodate a large volume of patients.

The travel services we offer include:

  • Comprehensive, individually tailored, pre-trip advice by a travel medicine physician
  • Post-travel medical care
  • On-site laboratory and x-ray services
  • All vaccines currently available

Please contact The Frist Clinic Travel Clinic today to schedule your pre-travel consultation by calling 615-342-6010.